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About Assistance in the palm of your hands

Every Life Matters Alert system is a multi-purpose app used to assist individuals when there is a need for help within a 20 minute radius as well as give ELMA users the ability to become Mobile Reporters when they see news happening.

Features Full of benefits

  1. Assistance Got an emergency? Request assistance and an alert will be sent.
  2. Mobile Reporting See activity worthy of recording? Be an ELMA reporter.
  3. My Lifeline Add family and friends who are close that you want notified everytime
  4. Awareness Awareness- send an alert to warn others to seek safety by avoiding what can be an unsafe environment.
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Testimonials A few Kind Words from our users

  • Debbie E. Every Life Matters Alert is the new national neighborhood watch system.
  • Karen H. The feature in Every Life Matters Alert which is called "My Lifeline" allows me to stay connected with my children whenever they need assistance.
  • Skylar G. The ELMA app definitely has the potential to go global with its video sharing capability.
  • George P. Accountability, transparency and justice for all. Thank you ELMA.

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